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[Pinned] Application Link

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Application Rules

[Pinned] Rules and Expectations

<Defying Gravity> has had a strong tradition of being a small semi hard core raiding guild with casual raiding values. The majority of the officer core has been raiding together for 5+ years. We do not allow raid drama and/or guild drama and...
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Current Recruitment Needs

[Pinned] Recruitment Needs

<Defying Gravity> of Mal'ganis looking for great players for Warlord of Draynor Mythic Raiding positionsRaid times:Monday / Wednesday / Thursday : 10:15 pm CST -> 12:15 am CST (server time)Currently Recruiting:Warlock: Demo, Affliction, D...
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General Discussion

So... yep im canadian

Who watch hockey here ? its the playoff starting tonight
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might be alittle late, if im late at all, just preventing.
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PSA - Don't upgrade your followers immediately after 6.1 hits

With 6.1 being launched tomorrow, the garrison follower ilvl cap is being raised from 655 to 675. Once you raise 2 (or 3) followers beyond ilvl 660, you become eligible for the BRF cache quests, and similar to the last tier the quality of caches ...
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General Discussion

Beastlord Darmac kill (Heroic)
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Oh hey :D

Not all of it is updated but we've moved into the top 20 guilds on our server overall. Not just for a 6 hour schedule. So yay us! And thanks everyone 3(
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General Discussion

2/11 raid

I might be late tonight I have to take the cat to the over night vet at 10 pm est 9 server but it's the only vet open that works with my gf and I work schedule
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General Discussion

Alt Raids

A Heroic Highmaul run intended for core raiders and their alts will be taking place every Saturday night at normal raid time, 10:15pm.Players outside the core group talk to an officer in advance if you want to come.Anyone else is obviously welcome...
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General Discussion

ATT Uverse

Sorry guys, dealing with ATT U-Verse destroying my internet. I've been trying to get this shit resolved, but am forced to use alternative means to get on the internet. I should have it resolved by tomorrow.
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General Discussion

1/21 raid

I WILL be there tonight, but it is snowing pretty bad up here and my lady has a shit car for snow. If she happens to need me to pick her up i will have to bail mid raid. if she decides he can make it, then we're gravy.
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Make me more flasks and pots please.
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Some Blizzcon pictures finally

Lets see if I can remember how to make this work...
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Garrisons! The link above has a ton of information about each building can do and where they go. pretty cool link to start getting an idea of what you want to do. There are some recommended build paths for what you want to do (raid, ...
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General Discussion

news on number of drops concerning raid size and loot setting

well, if it's not news to you it's news to me lolpeople seem to think that 1 loot per 5 people in raid drop and considering we got 4 drops on every boss we did tonight and another raid got 6 pieces of loot for having 30 people, sounds right to mea...
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General Discussion

Getting real tired of your shit tuesday...

Not being able to log on until an estimated time of 6pm is really annoying. And sense I can't log on and vent in game, for obvious reasons... I'm venting here. >:(
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General Discussion

Have you ever DPS'd so hard that you made someone /gquit?

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General Discussion

WoD BiS Dungeon gear lists

Some of these might be a little out dated, but this is a good baseline to start looking into for those of us less inclined to crunch numbers to maximize every tiny ounce.
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This is the forum for you mechanics.
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