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<Defying Gravity> of Mal'ganis looking for great players for Warlord of Draynor Mythic Raiding positions

Raid times:
Monday / Wednesday / Thursday : 10:15 pm CST -> 12:15 am CST (server time)

Currently Recruiting:
Warlock: Demo, Affliction, Destro
Mage: Arcane, Frost, Fire
Hunter: Survival, Marksman, Beast Master
Paladin: Prot
Druid: Guardian, feral, Boomkin

Recruitment is always open for exceptional players of any class or spec.

About Defying Gravity:
We are a semi-hardcore mythic raiding guild, that is looking to branch out into PvP, and accepting more social recruits for casual raiding, old content runs, and a respected guild community. The guild has been around in some form or another for about 5 years. With the upcoming expansion we are looking to expand our community, and make the guild the best it has ever been.

What does Defying Gravity offer you?
-A place to call home in World of Warcraft, while many aspects of the game have become more soloable, the basis of the game was built on the idea of playing with others
-A guild that will treat you with respect and where your opinion will be heard. Ideas to improve the guild are always welcome
-A guild where you can grow as a player, and help to create a respected name on the server

What is asked of you:
-For Mythic raiders, a solid idea of raiding, with good experience, and a willingness to improve.
-The desire to be social within the guild, we are a community of players that are all here for love of some aspect of the game
-Drive to be a good person, who helps others, and be the best they can be
-People who are looking to progress and grow within the guild over a long period of time

If interested message an officer in game. Lokní, Oreøz, Nommeh, Shambier or Warbourne
Shambier's Btag: Durbo#1793(Recruitment Officer)
Lokní 's Btag : Xzün#1966 (GM)
Oreøz's Btag : Preciøsa#1310 (GM)
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