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<Defying Gravity> has had a strong tradition of being a small semi hard core raiding guild with casual raiding values. The majority of the officer core has been raiding together for 5+ years.
We do not allow raid drama and/or guild drama and absolutely do not tolerate "loot whores." Any problems that occur within raid, or within guild, with a decision, with another guild member/ trial, or any other situation should be reported to an officer ASAP so they can assess, and correct the situation. Drama is not something we want in our guild, and situations will be addressed promptly with appropriate action.

All raiders are required to fill out an application to the guild prior to starting a trial with us. This includes but is not limited to casuals that are already in the guild and friends of raiders. Applicants may be asked to join the officers in vent for an interview prior to a decision on your application. Tanks and Healers should expect an interview detailing a few
The trial period is typically 3 raid weeks but can be extended and or shortened if problems arise, or exceptional performance is shown. The officers will be discussing the performance, and attitude of each trial at the end of each raid night and will contact each trial if they're concerns that need to be addressed.

Raid nights are Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 10:15-12:15 Server (CST)

Things that are expected during a trial with <Defying Gravity>:

95% attendance to raids (exceptions are made on a case by case basis)
Positive attitude
Exceptional raid awareness at all times (we understand that mistakes happen, just fix them quickly)
Be prepared (flasks potions and have the gold for repairs) and on time to raid.
Loot will be done via loot council and trials should still let us know if you need a piece just don't always expect to get it.
Expect to have to sit on a fight or two if we are working on progression.. We do tend to over recruit some roles with in the raid depending on what is needed per boss encounter. We have a very fair rotation system, and every member of the guild will receive gear in good time.

Only guild officers are allowed to comment on applications to the guild. If a comment is made by a non officer with out permission from an officer it will be deleted. All applicants are given 48 hours to respond to their acceptance to the guild or it will be denied... Unless there is a special circumstance.

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