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Tanker / Oct 30, 2014
Defying Gravity is excited to welcome our new and old raiders to the guild for a new and exciting expansion. Defying Gravity has and will always have the mind set of semi hard core raiding while maintaing a casual raiding schedule.

Having been a 10 man raiding guild through out Mist of Pandaria. We have to make the change to 20 man mythic raiding content. Our recruitment class needs are posted on the guild website and posted bellow in greater detail.

Tanks: Currently Full

Healers: Low
Pally (closed)
Druid (low)
Priest (closed)
Shaman (closed)
Monk (closed)

Melee DPS: low
Rogue (closed)
Druid (low)
Pally (low)
Monk (closed)
Shaman (closed)
Dk (closed)
Warrior (closed)

Range DPS: Medium
Druid (closed)
Hunter (low)
Mage (low)
Priest (closed)
Shaman (low)
Warlock (medium)