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Submitted on: Feb 28, 2015 at 01:49 AM
Race and Class
Tauren Druid
Battle Tag


Please Post a link to your Character Armory below.
What is your Main Spec? What is your Offspec?

Bear / Slightly Smaller bear

How comfortable are you with your offspec in raid environments?

tiny bear is slightly to small to tank as off spec so big bear is preafrable

What Prior raiding experience do you have? (Please elaborate)

i have raided all the things i raid the fridge with amazing speed, also boxes need exp on raiding new content like pokets, chests

Why do you want to join Defying Gravity? What makes you think you will be a good fit for our guild?

i am like a supple set of gloves and i fit all the hands. and i want continue joining the guild.

How old are you?


What position are you seeking within the guild?

Raider, Social Member

Do you know anyone in the guild? If so, who, and how?

i know all the people who know me so yeay

Why are/did you leave your most recent guild?

they thaought i was so amazing i had to go out in to the world and help those less un bear tankage

What distinguishes you from other players of your class?

i live in japan and am not a weabo. so there for i can keep my shit together in a hostile area

What is your availability? Our mandatory raid days are Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday at 10:15 CST till 12:15. We do require 95% raid attendance and require all raiders to post on the forums if you are going to be late or can't make it.

Saturday, Sunday

What Guilds, if any, have you raided with in the past?

Haters gona Hate

As a raider, what do you feel your biggest weakness is?

i didnt get anuf loot with my other guild some jerk ket yelling and saying things and toping dps

Please post a link to your recent logs below
What do you do to prepare for an encounter? What outside resources do you use to research your class

i demand unreasonable request from the guild like pots flasks and then blame people for lack of there own

We use a Loot Council system. Do you understand that we distribute loot with the guild's interests in mind?

yes, can i be on the counsle and have a cool robe

We raid 6 hours a week and because of that we expect very high attendance from our players - is making every raid night an issue for you? Excluding extraordinary circumstances, of course.


We use Ventrilo to communicate. Is this a problem?


Do you have a working microphone, and headset?

i use megaphones into mic i hope you can hear me

How does your computer handle 20 man raid settings? What is your ping/ fps like during a raid?

my ping is horable because the hmasters in the internet fight, japan and korean hamsters keep killin each other

Our guild has high standards for how our members act, and are perceived by the server community. Why do you feel you can represent our guild well?

i hope so im amazing and if not syns amazing and being near syn makes you amazing

Other than raiding, what do you like to do in game?

i like manage my guild and log off

How did you hear about our guild?

i didnt hear enything i read about it Gawd

What is your favorite Color?

"Mother Fucking Orange"

Do you have any questions for us?

Why am i



Why should we accept you? Meldreck?
because I'm the best around and nothings ever going to get me down.

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