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Submitted on: May 14, 2015 at 12:12 PM
Race and Class
Blood Elf Priest
Battle Tag


Please Post a link to your Character Armory below.
What is your Main Spec? What is your Offspec?


How comfortable are you with your offspec in raid environments?

meh - I havent raided shadow in a while honestly, guilds have always needed a healer.

What Prior raiding experience do you have? (Please elaborate)

I've been playing WoW for 10 years since my husband got me into the game, I've raided nearly everything. Healed as a priest through BC - TK and Black Temple, took a break from the game. Came back raided on a rogue, was #2 dps in a top 100 guild clearing hardmodes in Ulduar and Icecrown. Barely got into Cata before I took another break. Started back up again late into MOP because WoW mailed me a free copy of the game. Cleared heroic SoO on my rogue, got bored wanted to go back heals. Did some mythic SoO as resto shaman, into WoD cleared heroic highmaul and heroic BRF. Wasnt having as much fun on the shaman so in last 2 months I went back to my priest. Cleared H BRF several times (AOTC achv on 2 healers), attempted some mythic BRF.

Why do you want to join Defying Gravity? What makes you think you will be a good fit for our guild?

I’d like to join because your raid times of Mon/Wed 8-11pm fit my schedule. After looking at your roster it appears you do not have a Disc priest. I’m 100% drama free! I’m online a lot, I have great raid attendance. From the few forum posts I see you guys look like you have fun and that’s what I’m looking for, you’re not going to offend me.

How old are you?


What position are you seeking within the guild?


Do you know anyone in the guild? If so, who, and how?

Why are/did you leave your most recent guild?

The raid leader in my current guild is taking the summer off and cant lead or raid anymore, no one else stepped up so the guild has gone casual until the Fall.

What is your availability? Our mandatory raid days are Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday at 10:15 CST till 12:15. We do require 95% raid attendance and require all raiders to post on the forums if you are going to be late or can't make it.

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday

What distinguishes you from other players of your class?

I learn game mechanics quickly; I’ve raided as a healer for a long time and know not to stand in fire. I don’t give up and complain about progression. I am willing to accept constructive criticism, my game play improves constantly. Always come prepared with flasks, food and runes.

What Guilds, if any, have you raided with in the past?

Strife on Jaedenar was my top 100 guild; more recently, few months ago after my Alliance guild fell apart (Meliora on Turalyon), I went Horde, transferred to this server for Èrebos, lasted 2 days until I figured out how big d-bags they were and didnt want to deal. Been with Refraction since.

As a raider, what do you feel your biggest weakness is?

Not sure I’m easy going, I don’t like to call people out if they make a mistake, if we wipe, just get back, shut up, do it again, and do it better.

Please post a link to your recent logs below

Current guild uses Ask Mr Robot inconsistently for logs and they've failed to upload anything recently, sigh... most recent logs I can find are,d=1 but the problem with them is I've gained 18 ilvls since so it’s not the best representation as I can pull over 40k hps.

We use a Loot Council system. Do you understand that we distribute loot with the guild's interests in mind?

Fine with Loot Council, do what’s best. I’m not a gear whore; I’ll get it when I get it.

We raid 6 hours a week and because of that we expect very high attendance from our players - is making every raid night an issue for you? Excluding extraordinary circumstances, of course.


We use Ventrilo to communicate. Is this a problem?


Do you have a working microphone, and headset?


How does your computer handle 20 man raid settings? What is your ping/ fps like during a raid?

I have an ASUS gaming laptop, I dont have any problems.

Our guild has high standards for how our members act, and are perceived by the server community. Why do you feel you can represent our guild well?

I enjoy the game, I’m an adult, I know not to spam trade/raid channels. I’m respectful and act that way.

Other than raiding, what do you like to do in game?

Currently leveling a warlock that I thought about raiding on since everyone is looking for ranged dps. I have several other alts, mainly for professions so I can make anything I need myself. I like to go back and do achievements, challenge modes. We have no children so I’m on the game a lot always doing something while hubby plays xbox.

How did you hear about our guild?

Saw a recruitment post in trade.

What is your favorite Color?


Do you have any questions for us?

How many attempts do you have on H Blackhand, are you getting into the 3rd phase?


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Sorry it has taken me so long to get back to you... I have been away from my computer for the last couple days. I will try to have a talk with the other officers about this application tonight and should have an answer for you by tonight as well.

Thanks for you interest in DG

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